7 Seconds To Pain Relief


“7 Seconds To Pain Relief” is a program designed to provide a fast relief to your chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain based on proven techniques that are over a hundred years old.


Who is the author?

The author of this program is Roy Palmer. Mr. Palmer is a qualified teacher of Alexander Techniques. To qualify as a teacher of Alexander Techniques, instructors are required to complete at least 1,600 hours, spanning at least three years, of supervised teacher training. He has spent over 12 years helping more than 5,000 people successfully relieve pain in their neck, shoulders and back. Many of these people include athletes and professionals who rely on their body to perform at their absolute best.


What do I get after ordering this product?

  • 7 Seconds to Pain Relief (ebook). The guide to relieving the pain quickly. It includes the seven steps to feeling relief from pain in 7 seconds.
  • Video guide. You get 10 videos that show what to do to get immediate pain relief.
  • Follow-up Advanced Program. This is a 4 week follow-up advanced program that is designed for you once you are ready to go beyond just relieving the pain. Included in this program are:
  • Strength and Balance. How to get the muscles of the back, neck and shoulder work “naturally” without putting the body under strain.
  • Breaking Habits. Techniques to break the habits that may be causing pain and discomfort.
  • Beating Stress.  How to beat stress and prevent it from getting into your neck, back and shoulder muscles.
  • Getting Back to Fitness. How to improve your fitness without hurting the back, neck and shoulders.
  • MP3 Audio. MP3’s to listen while you’re walking or running as a reminder of what you need to be doing to keep the body free of pain.




Who can benefit from this product?

This program is designed for men and women that suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain.



  • Quick to learn. The techniques are clear and easy to comprehend
  • Easy to use – you can use it at home
  • Based on the proven Alexander Technique
  • It targets and cures the root of the problem
  • Personalized program and continued support
  • Observe relief from pain in a short amount of time
  • You can get back to pain free daily activities
  • Successful people had success using the same techniques: Academy Award nominated comedian, John Cleese, best-selling author, Roald Dahl, and award-winning actors, Kevin Kline and Paul Newman.
  • You can apply the techniques without the need of buying anything else – no expensive equipment or treatments
  • Affordable price. Save a lot of money on injections, pills and other medications
  • Money back guarantee





  • As it is available only online you need to print yourself the manual
  • Initially it takes some time to practice, but soon you’ll see relief from the pain
  • It is not free and it is not being sold off the internet.


The Bottom Line

“7 Seconds To Pain Relief” is a program intended for men and women that suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain. Traditional treatments tend to give temporary relief for the symptoms of pain. This program targets the underlying cause of your pain and uses proven techniques that are over 100 years old and teach you how to re-program  your body and use it the way nature intended it to be used. It is safe and proven to work. It involves assessing the way you move to complete everyday tasks and then learning how to perform those tasks in a more efficient way. If you suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain, this program is worth considering.