About Me


I’m Robert, a 29 years old pharmacist. My M.Sc degree is on “The Effectiveness of Drugs, Placebo and Natural Treatments”.

What I’ve learned so far is that drugs, in most cases (with some exceptions also) do not cure diseases but only provide relief. Our body is the most advanced and perfect pharmacy we know.

We produce the best natural antibiotics, analgesics and antidepressants. It’s when those balances are destroyed that we experience illness.

Imagine your body as an object filled with a lot of energy. When this energy is spread the same at each point, we are healthy. When some places lack energy, we suffer. When we take a drug from the outside, we try to fill those low energy zones with positive energy (drugs).

But at the same time, the drug modifies the energy of the area that’s near it. That’s why we experience the side-effects.

It’s my belief that we can heal ourselves without the need of medications (it’s possible in most cases). I first recommend the use of natural methods because many drugs do their job just because of the placebo effect. There are some exceptions but in most cases this is the harsh truth.

I always have enjoyed researching natural treatments and how do they exert their effect. Here at this site I’ve reviewed some of those products. For some of them I did an extensive online research on the principles they teach.

Also I managed to get a sample copy from the publisher to have a look at the product first-hand. At the same time seven of those products were bought by some of my friends for their problems — so I got their feedback also.

At the end of the day, that’s what I like to do — research and learn about ancient and traditional treatments used successfully for hundreds of years. Science nowadays is paying more attention to them and studying how they work, so we can find better treatments.

Another important reason why I decided to review those informational products and make the notes public, is because I was scammed 2 times when I bought two products that magically promised to cure my dermatomycosis and reduce my body fat.

I don’t want others to be scammed the same way. I lost some savings and my time trying them.

Even though I’ve spent a lot of time researching those products, if you bought them and they didn’t work for you, please send me an email as soon as you can at robert@medicalreviewing.com.

I will immediately add your feedback at the review so each of us can make better buying decisions next time for our problems.


To your health,

Robert D.